Bottega Verde

Bottega Verde

The immense biodiversity of Italy with its great variety of plant species is the main source of inspiration for our cosmetics.
This is what we draw on to give life to our products by growing and selecting the ingredients before transforming them.

In the 300 hectares of the estate we cultivate vines, olive trees and oats whose extracts give life to the three lines from which they take their name; two native plants, marine pine and broom, are used in our products; medicinal herbs like mint, Thyme, calendula, helix and chamomile are growing in the estate and will soon be the protagonists of highly specific cosmetic lines.

In the same way we are engaged in the continuous search for increasingly effective functional principles that we seek directly in the places of origin in order to preserve their effectiveness: at the moment there are more than 300 coming from all over the world.

The colors and scents of nature in formulas of natural beauty, simple and innovative, guaranteed in effectiveness and results by specialized dermatological institutes.

No to superfluous chemistry
Yes to natural ingredients
Yes to natural research
Biodiversity in the EU

Facciamo spazio al Natale!

Facciamo spazio al Natale!

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Facciamo spazio al Natale!
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