Via Condotti

Via Condotti

The central line of the collection identify itself in the brand of Elisa Landri which is marked by the attention to details, research of materials and to the care of finishes.
Elisa Landri is a dynamic woman that combines with her elegant lifestyle refinement but also practical sense in clothing.

Next to this is placed the second brand on the chain: ELF.
The brand is suitable for all those women who follow with attention fashion trends either in the choice of design and texture or colorations.
ELF is loved by young and female consumers but it doesn't disdain to dress up who makes fashion one of her passion and age is just a mental factor and not biological.

To these two collections joins a third brand: MALANDRINA which develops the models of ELISA LANDRI and ELD with a softer fitting and a size extension till 52.

Finally the latest born to great market demand id VIA CONDOTTI ACCESSORI brand which takes care of completing the collection with personalized handbags, belts and jewelry in order to be able to give total looks that VIA CONDOTTI sets for its clients.

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